Hello, I'm Chris Pistocco.

I'm a resilient individual with a passion for life, and I'm the driving force behind ChrisPistocco.com. At 66 years old, I hail from the picturesque Upper Great Lakes region, where the beauty of nature serves as both inspiration and solace.

My Journey

My journey has been marked by triumph over adversity. As a stroke survivor and achalasia warrior, I understand firsthand the challenges and victories that come with navigating life's unexpected twists and turns. Through perseverance and determination, I've emerged stronger, inspiring others with my resilience and optimism.

My Expertise

While I'm not a doctor, I did play one in: Lady of The Night Birds (1987 Philmore Regional Theater House). I am well-versed in the subjects of stroke and achalasia. My personal experiences and extensive research have equipped me with a deep understanding of these conditions. I'm passionate about sharing knowledge and raising awareness to support others on their journey to recovery and management.

My Hobbies

Beyond stroke advocacy and managing achalasia, I'm a multifaceted individual with diverse interests and hobbies. From the serene art of balloon collecting to the intricate craftsmanship of aircraft refurbishing, my pursuits know no bounds. My love for LED lighting, creating custom fonts, and resoling sneakers showcases my keen eye for innovation and creativity.

My skill in bricklaying adds a touch of practical craftsmanship to my repertoire, while my collection of figurines reflects a penchant for storytelling and nostalgia.

A Love for Felines

In addition to my eclectic hobbies, I'm a devoted feline enthusiast. Cats hold a special place in my heart, providing comfort, companionship, and endless entertainment.

Connect with Me

Join me on my journey of resilience, creativity, and passion for life. Whether you share a love for cats, an appreciation for custom fonts, or simply seek inspiration from a fellow survivor, I welcome you with open arms.

Contact Me:

Feel free to reach out to me at admin@chrispistocco.com for inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or simply to say hello.

Through my experiences and interests, I embody the spirit of resilience and the power of pursuing one's passions. Join me on my journey as I continue to inspire and uplift others through my story and endeavors.